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Venice is the only city which is built on the sea and when you walk through the city you are always on the edge of the water but you can never get the experience in walking on the sea. Circle Waves gives you the chance to walk on the water. The bridge is an expanded pier which connects the social housing area with the sportshall. Its length of 1500m makes it also useable as a runningtrack. The highest point of the circles is like you are walking on a bridge and the lowest point is like walking on the water.
At the main connecting areas there are public space which have diffrent uses. The Expantion at the social housing area is a public green park where people can spend their time enjoying the view and at the sportshall is used as sport facilities so the inhabitants can do sports everytime they want.
Circle Waves is a completly new way to experience Venice.

Circle Waves Bridge: Project
Circle Waves Bridge: Pro Gallery
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